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Outdoor SMD LED display black and white light performance comparison

Author:深圳市华彩星显示科技有限公司 Click: Time:2015-01-08 16:32:40

At the end of 2014, indoor surface stickers had begun to appear black, and his first appearance was buoyed by the market because of its higher contrast and higher definition. As a result, P6, P5, P4, P3, and P2.5 black light indoor surface-mount LED display screens are constantly appearing.

    The time jumped to the end of 2015, when large quantities of outdoor surface-mounted white lamps slowly took up the market, followed by outdoor high-contrast products with surface-mounted black lights are constantly being introduced by major manufacturers. It was also approved by the market once it was launched.

    What difference does the LED display of these two lamps do on the market?

Outdoor table posted white light led display features:

1) The SMD3535 lamp is commonly used for the outdoor surface-mounted white light. Its characteristics are high brightness, most of the current manufacturers can do more than 5000cd brightness.

2) Because of its high brightness, coupled with the current public complaints about the so-called light pollution, the higher the brightness has already constrained the approval of some popular LED advertising screen projects.

3) High brightness means that the required amount of current is large, so the power consumption will be more than the power consumption of the black lamp in unit time, and the cost to the advertisers will be increased.

4) For the viewer's eyesight or visual effect is not very good, because of its high brightness, first, people do not see clearly, and second, the viewing time is not too long

As mentioned above, although the outdoor white LED display screen can play a role in market attraction at the early stage of product development, with the actual market demand, consumers and advertisers demand higher quality of the screen body. The user experience raises higher requirements.


At the same time, what are the advantages of outdoor black led display?

1) Appropriate brightness makes the viewer feel more comfortable and the viewing time will be longer

2) High contrast, enhanced video clarity, improved color resolution

3) Energy-saving and environment-friendly, not only can well control the color contrast, brightness, but also save the advertisers' electricity cost


How can you measure which model of lamp you choose?

1) As the price of outdoor black led display screens is higher than the price of white lights, in general, for some large corporate units, such as LED display screens in commercial shopping malls, the high-end advertising crowd market is facing. You can give priority to the use of outdoor black light surface stickers.

2) In addition, for customers exporting abroad, customers with high quality requirements may also be recommended to use the black led display.

All in all, whether it is the use of black light or white light, it needs to be based on the actual situation of the customer, such as the target of the advertisement, the target audience, the environment, and the cost budget.



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